How to grow your baby/child eCommerce store without the stress of paid traffic

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"TheDigiHut is an agency designed to help you dominate the baby and child industry with cutting-edge backend systems..."


Our bespoke agency has helped baby/child brands achieve...

Increase Conversion Rates By 267%

Increase Customer Satisfaction By 52%

Increase Customer Retention Rates By 319%

Q & A
Who are you for?
We are for baby/child eCommerce brands based in either the UK or US who are struggling with conversion rates, or are hoping to experience fast growth while having to rely less on paid traffic performance. You must have a well established brand to be applicable to work with us.
What do you offer?
TheDigiHut offers a bespoke customer LTV accelerator for baby/child brands. Our customer LTV accelerator has been battle-tested within the industry and is proven to increase conversion rates, retention rates & customer satisfaction for your eCommerce brand.
How do you help me?
We help relieve our clients stresses around paid advertising through our backend systems. By increasing the value of your customers, you no longer need to worry about front-end metrics such as CPMs, CPCs, & ROAS as the customer will be worth 10X the value you initially paid to acquire them. Increasing the value of your customers will release the tension on your CPA systems allowing you to skyrocket your baby/child eCommerce growth..
What is your price?
We disclose prices on our demo calls providing we think your brand is a suitable fit for us.
What is your guarantee?
You will get our famous "until death guarantee". We will continue providing customer LTV acceleration for your brand until you get the promised results as long as you continue attending our check up calls.
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